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The first step and the most essential step is the meeting. After we have met with you, and talked about your situation, you will receive your selected loan in about 2-3 weeks.


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How Can You Get A Loan With Bad Credit?

Here are some tips so remember when car shopping:

Tip #1 - The shorter, the better
Most people in your situation usually settle for any loan, even if the interest rate will kill you later. So why not shorten the period of the loan? Instead of 5 years, why not make it 3 or even shorter? Interest rates are lower so if you compute the entire loan, you will find that your total is substantially less than if you get a longer-term loan.

If you have a bed credit, don't be instantly dissapointed, because it does not automatically mean that you can not buy a car, or you are banned from it. Some people think if they have a bad credit they will get much higher monthly fees, what can be true sometimes, but it is not the case. A very important aspect of a bad credit is how bad it is. It does matter if you have a seriously bad or just somewhat bad credit. The best thing you could do is to shop around, and browse around interest rates of several loan lenders. Don't make the mistake of choosing one instantly, just because you have a bad credit.

Common thing that people fall into is that they take a stranger or relative, friends word when they say that their credit must be bad. The only thing that you must do is to check it by obtaining a credit score and credit report. One thing that can help you a car loan is to start in dealerships that are close to you. Even if you think that they wont give you a loan because of your bad credit, just ask around for the prices, you can't know if you don't try! Ask your parents or friends to go with you. If you want to learn how to finance a car with bad credit then click though and see how!

This way you will relieve stress, and you will feel more confident when asking for a loan. They can help you bail out, when the loan terms are very bad. There are some people who can't say no to anything, so don't fall into that trap. Look around for loan terms, and not monthly payments. Search for the lowest amount of money and the lowest annual percentage rate over a short period of time. Don't let yourself be fooled by longer periods and higher monthly payments.

Tip #2 - Drive a new car
New car loans are cheaper than used car loans. Sounds wonky, doesn't it? But it's one of those lesser known secrets of the trade that dealers don't tell you. Of course, there are exceptions, so if you find a used car for a steal, grab it. The bottom line is, take a look at the entire loan, not just your monthly payments.

Tip #3 - Watch out for add-ons
Do you really need those shiny grills on the car? Dealers love to entice you to pimp your car or add-ons that you don't actually need. Read every line in the contract and say no to those little details that together, will make a substantial dent in your wallet. They are called add-on for a reason - they add to your misery in the long run!